Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DC Analytics : The Microsoft Lync Business Intelligence - Reporting & Billing

DC Analytics is a Lync reporting and billing software which helps you understand the business value of Lync deployment. The decision makers, IT managers and everyone involved in Lync product roadmap in any organisation require insight of Lync databases. An effective visual analytics of Lync databases in a meaningful construct, increases quick decision making abilities and helps to do predictive analysis of the business trend immensely.
 Some of the features:
  • Overall Modality Trends
  • Overall Audio / Video Session Trends
  • Adoption & Trend (Know ROI and Plan the Infrastructure)
  •  Call Quality Details
  • Hardware Usage
  • External Communications Reports
Some of the benefits:

·         Increased Adoption

·         Healthy ROI

·         Helps you meet compliance & IT governance

·         Companywide conferences, audio, video communication saves money:

·         Improved quality of experience

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